External Academic Events

The Society for Court Studies is committed to supporting its members and researchers in the field of court studies by sharing information about events and engagement opportunities. This section offers a list of relevant conferences, calls, and academic events organised by other institutions or organisations worldwide that pertain to the field of court studies. These events and engagement opportunities are updated quarterly and are also published in the Society’s quarterly newsletter.

If you would like the Society to share relevant event information or calls for proposals or publications on our website or in our member’s newsletter, please send all information to the Society via email at



7 May 2021
Dressing a Picture: Reimagining the Court Portrait, 1500-1800

Cambridge, CRASSH
More information can be found here: Dressing a Picture

10-11 June 2021
Medieval and Early Modern Spaces and Places: Courtly Encounters

London, The Open University/The Museum of the Order of Saint John
More information can be found here: Courtly Encounters

23-25 June 2021
La gloire impériale du souverain

Nantes, CRHIA
More information can be found here (in French): Glorie Impériale

17-19 June 2021
The Myth of Versailles and European Courts, 18th-19th centuries

Versailles, Château de Versailles
More information can be found here: Versailles

24-25 June 2021
Women and Agency: Transnational Perspectives, c. 1450-1790

Oxford, University of Oxford
More information can be found here: Women and Agency

29 June – 2 July 2021
Kings & Queens 10: Royal Patronage: Material Culture, Built Heritage & the Reach of the Crown

Perth College, University of the Highlands and Islands
More information can be found here: K&Q10

19-21 July 2021
Crossing Borders, Contesting Boundaries II

Durham, MEMSA
More information can be found here: Borders

9-12 September 2021
Everyday Dress and the Reconstruction of Early Modern Material Culture, 1550-1650

Espoo and Helsinki, Aalto University
More information can be found here: Everyday Dress

15-17 September 2021
Maintaining the Presence of the Prince: Management of Royal Geographies (XIVth-XIXth Centuries)

Versailles, Château de Versailles
More information can be found here: Prince

20-22 September 2021
Lord Burghley 500

Co-hosted by SCS and the Lord Burghley Foundation
More information can be found here: Burghley

27-29 October 2021
Expectations of Justice and Political Power in the Islamicate World

Leiden, Leiden University
More information can be found here: Expectations

6-8 December 2021
Ties of Kinship and the Early Islamic Empire

Leiden, Leiden University
More information can be found here: Kinship


1-3 June 2022
From the Ruler’s surroundings to the Nobles Court. Evolution of the Court Environment from the Middle Ages to the end of the 18th century

Institute of History and Archival Studies Pedagogical University of Krakow, Institute of History, University of Silesia-Katowice, and Wavel Royal Castle (Krakow)
Contact the organisers for more information:

Calls (for proposals to conferences or publications)

CFP: Step by Step: Visualizing and Asserting Power in Early Modern Joyous Entries and Festivities in the Netherlands, 1500-1750
Submissions are invited for an edited volume on joyous entries and other festivities in the early modern Netherlands, including burial and religious processions, weddings, and stately entries of foreign dignitaries. The manuscript will be submitted for review to the ‘European Festival Studies 1450-1700’ series at Brepols.
Deadline: 1 June 2021.
More information can be found here: CFP

CFP: Monarchy in Turmoil: Princes, Courts, and Politics in Revolution and Restoration, 1780-1830
This conference seeks submissions that examine change and continuity in household institutions, the careers of court dignitaries moving between households, central government, representative assemblies, the army, regional administration, and decision-making and political contestation of the prince.
Deadline: 31 May 2021
More information can be found here: CFP

Other Events (seminars, workshops, digital series)

April-June 2021
Online seminar series – Republics of Letters Around the Globe: Non-European and Understudied European Transnational Learned and Literary Commonalities

SKILLNET organises a series of online seminars on early modern transnational learned communities in the Eurasian continent, shedding light on the essence of what constitutes a transnational scholarly and scientific community.
More information can be found here: SKILLNET

April-July 2021
Critical Race Conversations: A Folger Institute Fiftieth Anniversary Project

The Folger Institute hosts a series of free online sessions on an expansive range of topics in the field of early modern critical race studies. They amplify voices of experts in the field in support of more equitable research agendas for a more inclusive future.
More information can be found here: Conversations

7 May 2021
Part II of CRRS Working Group ‘Whiteness in the Early-Modern World’ Spring Colloquium

The CRRS-sponsored working group hosts a two-part colloquium (23 April/7 May) to share work in progress on their research on whiteness in the early modern world. It addresses questions such as: How was whiteness defined, constructed, and depicted in the early modern world? What did it mean in terms of ideas about labour, class, nation, gender, and beauty?
More information can be found here: Colloquium

May-November 2021
Online Seminar Series: Economic History of Monarchy

The aim of this research seminar is to discuss research on economic and financial aspects of monarchies and dynasties from antiquity to present day. In particular, the interdependencies of finances, economics and monarchical rule are of interest.
More information can be found here: Monarchy & Money

24 September 2021
Research Workshop: Privacy and the Eastern European Courts, 1500-1800 (SCS co-sponsored)

This workshop aims to showcase current scholarship from both early career and well-established scholars on notions of privacy surrounding the eastern European courts in the early modern period, primarily the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.
More information can be found here: Eastern European Courts