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Archive Issue

Volume 17, No. 2 (December 2012)

Courts and Capitals, 1815-1914 (IV)


John Villiers - A New Capital for New Dynasty: Bangkok from Rama I to Rama III (1782-1851)
Keith Pratt - The Gyeongbok Palace, Seoul, as a Barometer of Korea’s Political Fortunes in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
Bill Woodburn - From the Bala Hissar to the Arg: How Royal Fortress Palaces Shaped Kabul, 1830-1930
Gavin Stamp - New Delhi: A New Imperial Capital for British India
Alice Y. Tseng - The Retirement of Kyoto as Imperial Capital
Philip Mansel - The Rise and Fall of Royal Alexandria: From Mohammed Ali to Farouk
Mark Hengerer - An Ambassador and his Artists
John Peacock - A Fleming in the South
David Gelber - French Manuscripts and English Kings
Melissa Leventon & Dale Carolyn Gluckman - Queen Sirikit and the Westernisation of Thai Court Dress
William Hepburn - The Princely Court in Scotland
Natalie Hawkes - Doctors in the Palace
Elena Woodacre - Royalty in Focus: Kings and Queens
Jonathan Spangler - The Changing Face of Monarchy

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