The Court Historian

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Archive Issue

Volume 21, No. 1 (June 2016)

Felix Labrador Arroyo – The Situation of the Portuguese Court and Royal Household under the first Monarch of the House of Austria (1581-1598)
Maria Solomon Arel – Hospitality at the Hands of the Muscovite Tsar: The Welcoming of Foreign Envoys in Early Modern Russia

Glan Richardson – A Regal Retrospective
J.M. Rogers – Empire Lines: Clan Careers in the Ottoman Empire
Mark Jones – Addressed to Posterity: The Visual Histories of Louis XIV
Annamarie Jordan Gschwend – For the Love of Dynasty: Habsburg Wives, Widows and Nuns
William D. Godsey - Austrian Apogee: The Court of Vienna 1680-1740

Jeremy Filet - Mary of Guise at 500
Jonathan Spangler - Royal Dynasties in Global Perspective

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