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Archive Issue

Volume 21, No. 2 (December 2016)

Vladimir Shishkin – The Court of Marguerite de Valois in Rebellion, 1585–87
Fabian Persson – From Vanguard to Rearguard: The Swedish Court as a Motor of Change in the Seventeenth Century
Robert Wellington - A Reflection of the Sun: The Duke of Marlborough in the Image of Louis XIV
Robin Eagles - Frederick, Prince of Wales, the ‘Court’ of Leicester House and the ‘Patriot’ Opposition to Walpole, c.1733–1742

Antony Spawforth – The Heirs of Alexander: New Interest in Ancient Courts
Paul Monod – Patriots or Savages? The ’45 Rebellion from Both Sides
Charles C. Noel – New Light on Philip V
François Soyer – Picturing the Streets of Old Lisbon
Luk Yu-ping - Ming Court Histories from the Forbidden City

Leanda de Lisle - Cornelius Johnson, Court Painter

Robin Buning - Digital Humanities and the Nassau Women
Fabian Persson - Emerging Themes in Court Studies in Boston and in Plymouth


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