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Archive Issue

Volume 22, No. 1 (June 2017)

Charles J. Halperin – Ivan the Terrible’s Younger Brother: Prince Yury Vasil’evich (1533–63)
Henriette Graf – The Apartments of Prince-Elector Charles Albert of Bavaria around 1740 and Their Ceremonial Use at Court
Eric Hassler - Measuring Regular Noble Presence at Court: The Example of Vienna, 1670–1740
Linda Frey & Marsha Frey - ‘More Savage than White Bears’: The Diplomatic Etiquette of Revolutionary France

Thomas Tuohy – A Wealth of Diversity: The Art of Dutch Cities
Penny Richards – Spectacular Ceremonies: The Politics and Culture of Regal and Civic Pageantry in Early Modern Europe
R. J. Arnold – Serene Indifference: The Lukewarm Cultural Lives of the Dukes of Arenberg
Jennifer M. Scarce – At the Court of the Qajar Shahs: Iran in the Nineteenth Century

Alexander Isacsson - Ceremonies and Rituals
R. Malcolm Smuts - Courts and Court Culture in Tudor Ireland
Charlotte Merton - Royal Beasts

William D. Godsey - Francis Joseph in the Spotlight


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