The Court Historian

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Archive Issue

Volume 24, No. 2 (August 2019)

Jill Harrison – ‘Fresh Perspectives on Hugo van der Goes’ Portrait of Margaret of Denmark and the Trinity Altarpiece’.
Michael Pearce – ‘Anna of Denmark: Fashioning a Danish Court in Scotland’.
Jemma Field - ‘Dressing a Queen: The Wardrobe of Anna of Denmark at the Scottish Court of King James VI, 1590–1603’
Maureen M. Meikle – ‘Once a Dane, Always a Dane? Queen Anna of Denmark’s Foreign Relations and Intercessions as a Queen Consort of Scotland and England, 1588–1619’.
Kate Strasdin – ‘Rediscovering Queen Alexandra’s Wardrobe: The Challenges and Rewards of Object-Based Research’.

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