Why don’t you go to Court, Mr. Boswell? … It is the best coffee-house in town.’ The Countess of Northumberland (1763)

The Society for Court Studies was founded in London in September 1995 with the aim of stimulating and co-ordinating the study of royal and princely courts and households from antiquity to the present. It examines courts from a multi-disciplinary and international perspective, bringing together political, cultural, architectural, military, art, environmental and diplomatic history, and gender studies.

The Society organises regular seminars and conferences in London throughout the year. A separate branch of the Society was established in North America in September 1998. The Society is linked to similar societies across Europe.

The Society’s journal The Court Historian is published biannually and is the leading periodical for court studies. It presents new work by experts exploring all dimensions of court life, from politics, palaces and embassies to dress, dining and gardens and a bibliography of recent publications relating to court history, maintained since the foundation of the society.

Membership is open to all.