The Court Historian

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Archive Issue

Volume 25, No. 3 (December 2020)

Kolja Lichy – Introduction: Cognatic Power. Mothers-in-law and Early Modern European Courts
Liesbeth Geevers – Ties, Triangles and Tangles: Catherine de Medici as Philip II of Spain’s Mother-in-Law
Oliver Hedegüs - The Complex Mother. Maria Anna of Inner Austria and the Entanglement of the Vasa, Habsburg and Wittelsbach Dynasties
Leonhard Horowski – Mothers-in-Law Between Epée, Robe and Finance. A Quantitative Approach to Patterns of Marriage Inequality Within the French Court Elite
Franziska Schedewie – The belle-mère – Findings and Reflections on a Central Figure at the European Court around 1800

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